2011 Shanghai Auto Show: 10 Strangest Cars

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Moooove over for Changa
Changa, a state-owned Chinese car manufacturer, is making a name for itself by serving up tasty frozen treats to hungry auto show attendees.

Number twenty four on the ForTwo

Oddly, Smart is apparently using 6-foot 6-inch NBA guard Kobe Bryant to endorse its diminutive ForTwo in the Chinese market.

Geely IG

IG stands for Intelligent Geely, which hints at the car's intended competition; it's a three-passenger Smart competitor with gullwing doors. Very cool, if also a bit weird.

London via Shanghai
The London taxi has been reincarnated as the Englon SC7-RV. Manufactured by Geely, it's aimed squarely at the Chinese taxi market, which is currently dominated by the Volkswagen Santana Vista.

Geely Engrand

The Geely Engrand GE, which stands for "Geely Excellence," is the Chinese manufacturer's full-size luxury flagship sedan. In addition to an efficient and powerful V-8 engine with plug-in hybrid technology, the Engrand features rear seat massagers, a fingerprint recognition entry system, Chinese jade trim, and an in-car refrigerator that Geely claims "gives access to mobile joy."

Mitsuoka Orochi
Named after a mythical eight-headed dragon, the Mitsuoka Orochi, a Japanese sports car, officially debuted as a concept car in 2001. However, its styling is no less bizarre today.


From Icona comes this bizarre-looking Italian vehicle was designed by Samuel Chuffart, formerly of Bertone. It supposedly uses four motors and runs solely on electrons.

The Alias looks even weirder from the front
Part of a venture between Zap and Jonway Auto of China, the Alias electric car is currently under development, with production slated to begin this fall.

Chang'an VOSS MPV concept
Chang'an showcases their VOSS MPV concept, lounge included.

Chery QQme
This too-cute-for-words Chery is apparently trying to one-up the New Beetle's bud vase.


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