KBS Music Bank 28.01.2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Comeback Stage

Jewelry – Intro + Break It Up

SeeYa – The Last + So Nice To Meet You
Boy bands

MBLAQ – Stay

Teen Top – Supa Luv

Infinite – BTD (Before The Down)
Hot Stage

Secret – Shy Boy

Park Jung Min – Not Alone

G.NA – Black & White

The One – Do It For You
Woo Joo (ft. Kim Mi Hyun) – Happy Together
See Hyun – What Did Chu Dew
B-Dolls – Winter Story
JQT – PeeKaBoo
Piggy Dolls – Trend
Sunny Side Chang (ft. Gavy NJ Heeyoung) – Crazy Love
Beige – I Can’t Drank
Gavy NJ (ft. Zinger Burger) – A Cup of Latte
Mighty Mouth (ft. Soya) – Tok Tok
Navi – Well Done Steak
Han Groo – Witchie Girl
Dal Shabet – Supa Dupa Diva


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