8 Tests shall be Men

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cholesterol test
is a fatty protein in blood that can lead to blockage of blood vessels where a high level. Information on blood cholesterol levels may help gauge the health of the heart and relative risk of heart disease. There are two types of cholesterol is HDL, or High-density lipoprotein and LDL or low density lipoprotein. HDL cholesterol is 'good' and may protect against heart disease, while LDL cholesterol is the "bad." higher LDL levels may be a risk of heart disease. This test can be performed as early as age 20 with the frequency of testing every two to five years depending on the normal level. If the level is normal, the test should be repeated every six months or according to doctor's instructions.

Blood pressure
This check is very easy and important. Information is essential to avoid serious diseases, such as 'stroke' and coronary heart disease. Research shows that one in every five adults, about 50 million people worldwide have high blood pressure. When blood pressure exceeds 140/90 mmHg, it can be very stressful on the heart and in the long term this situation can be dangerous. This inspection is not about age, but good start in early adolescence with a frequency of once a year if under normal conditions or under doctor's instructions if the pressure is not normal.
Blood tests for diabetes / diabetes
These blood tests should be done in the fasting state. This examination is known as "Fasting blood sugar. 'If the results show a high level, your doctor will advise you to undergo tests of glucose tolerance test' to confirm the symptoms of diabetes. This examination involves the taking of blood after his given sugary drinks. It can be done at the age of 45 years if you have no risk factors of diabetes as being overweight or a family history of disease. If you are overweight and family history or symptoms of diabetes, you need a blood test this early. The frequency of testing is every three years for those who are normal.
Bone density test
Men may also experience problems reduced the strength of bones known as osteoporosis. "Studies show that after age 50 years, six percent of men have a problem hip fractures and five per cent experienced problems due to osteoporosis, spinal fractures and the percentage increases with advancing age. When age is increasing, minerals such as calcium in the body will start to decline. Added to the problem of decreasing levels of testosterone that causes brittle bones. Male 65 years should have already undergone this test. However, men who are at risk of osteoporosis patients taking drugs such as 'corticosteroids' or had suffered a broken bone should be tested earlier.
Colonoscopy Examination 
Colorectal cancer is cancer affecting the colon and lower bowel (rectum) often attack man, and it can be treated if detected early. To detect at an early stage, one must undergo a colonoscopy. This test involves tools such as a camera tube inserted into the rectum and then into the large intestine. Through this examination, the entire colon can be inspected and any signs of any tumor or colon cancer can be detected and take a biopsy if necessary. It can be done at the age of 50 years if no risk factors.
Eye examination
There are many diseases that can cause blindness such as glaucoma can be prevented with regular eye examinations. According to the Academy Oftahmologi United States (U.S.), there are approximately 43 million Americans suffer eye problems due to aging, and only about one-third of people undergoing regular eye examination. It can be done at the age of 18 years with a frequency of one to three years in accordance with the age of 18 to 61 years depending on the doctor's recommendations. For diabetics, the risk for vision problems is higher and they should undergo more frequent inspections.
Examination of the testicles
Testis cancer often strikes men between the ages of 15 to 34 years. If detected early, 90 percent of patients with cancer of the testicles can be cured. This check can be done alone by holding the testicle between the thumb and index finger, the surface of the testicles should be considered to detect bumps, the area became hard or enlargement of the testicles. If there are signs that, you should see a doctor. Inspections conducted after puberty with frequent every month.
Examination of prostate cancer
Checks should be done. First through a physical examination in which doctors insert a finger into the anus to see if there are bumps on a hard object which indicates the occurrence of prostate cancer. Blood screening tests are known as "Prostate specific antigen '(PSA). Consult your doctor before choosing to undergo initial PSA test. This check can be performed at the age of 50 but must be done five years earlier if there is a close relative such as father, brother or uncle who has cancer.



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