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Saturday, December 25, 2010

 CNBLUE, is a South Korean indie rock band, which debuted on August 19, 2009 in Japan with the band's first mini-album, Now or Never. They were coined as the "2nd FT Island". The group released four teasers for their 1st album Bluetory, starring one member per each of the videos in the sequence of Jonghyun, Minhyuk, Jungshin and lastly, Jung Yong Hwa on the 6th, 8th, 11th and 13 January respectively. On the January 14, CN Blue debuted their first mini-album with lead single "I'm a Loner" (Korean: 외톨이야).
Name: Jung YongHwa 정용화
Position: Guitar & Vocal
Blood type: A
Birthday: 1989/06/22
Height & Weight: 180cm, 63kg
Hobby: Appreciating music
Specialty: Clarinet, Beat box
Attraction: Side teeth
Career: SBS Drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ as Kang ShinWoo, SBS Inkigayo MC
Family: Parents + older brother
Favorite food: Meat
Name: Lee JongHyun 이종현
Position: Guitar & Vocal
Blood Type: O
Birthday: 1990/06/15
Height Weight: 182cm 64kg
Hobby: Appreciating music, exercising
Specialty: Judo
Attraction: Chic smile
Career: Acoustic movie as Seongwon
Family: Parents + older sister
Favorite food: Spicy food
Jonghyun was the former leader of the group. However, the title was switched to Yonghwa around the same time they debuted in Korea.
Name: Lee Jeong Shin 이정신
Position: Bassist
Blood Type: A
Birthday: 1991/09/15
Height Weight: 186cm 66kg
Hobby: Appreciating music
Specialty: Rap, Bass
Attraction: Eyes
Family: Parents + older brother
Favorite food: Salad
Name: Kang Min Hyuk 강민혁  
Position: Drummer
Blood Type: A
Birthdaet: 1991/06/28
Height Weight: 184cm 60kg
Hobby: Soccer, Basketball
Specialty: Flute
Attraction: Smiling eyes
Career: MNet M!Countdown MC, Acoustic movie as Haewon, SBS Drama ‘It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl’ as Hwang Yeon Doo
Family: Parents + older sister
Favorite food: Fruits

Career in Japan
Around June 2009, C.N.BLUE began making street performances and performing gigs in live clubs in Japan. They made their formal debut as an indie band in Japan with their all-English tracks first mini-album, Now or Never, on August 19, 2009. On November 25, 2009, the band released their second mini-album, called Voice, in Japan. The title track was recorded in Japanese while the rest are entirely in English.
It was announced on the band's official blog site on February 1, that they are going to be holding a one-man live show on March 20 in celebration of the release of their first album, titled, Thank U. A preview of their title track "" was posted on their official MySpace in late February.
They are set to release their first Japanese single, titled, The way, on June 23, 2010 in Japan. The single will contain three tracks.
Career in South Korea
 It was revealed in January 2010 that C.N.BLUE will make their official debut in South Korea with a debut mini-album, Bluetory,on January 14, 2010. It was also announced that teasers featuring each of the four members will be released on different dates. On January 7 (Korean time), a MV teaser was released on their official site, featuring the band's formerly stated Lee Jong Hyun with the band's new song, "I'm a Loner" (외톨이야). Drummer Kang Minhyuk's teaser was released on January 8. On January 11 and January 13 MV teasers for Jungshin and Yonghwa was released respectively.

The day before their official debut, they held their first fan showcase to a large group of fans. On the January 14, the band released their debut mini-album and took the number one spot on the Mnet real time charts and second spot on the Hanteo charts. They are the only rookie group to do so in 2010, beating out fellow rookies, ZE:A and F.Cuz. The group made their live debut stage at KBS Music Bank on the January 15. They took the #1 spot on album sales charts and all music charts five days into their debut.On January 29's episode of Music Bank, the group won their first K-Chart with their hit song, "I'm a Loner." They then won their first Mutizen award on SBS Inkigayo on the 31st.

In April, the band's official fanclub was named BOICE, which is a combination of Blue and Voice. In early May, FNC Music announced that the band will be coming back with their second mini-album on May 19, 2010. The title of the album was titled Bluelove and a track composed by Yonghwa, "Love Light" (사랑 빛) was unveiled on day 10th and then the MV teaser of his official single called "Love" was released on their official site on May 12th. They made their comeback stage on M! Countdown on the 20th.


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