Advantages of Jogging

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jogging has physical benefits which form a vital part of the health advantages. The physical benefits are the following:

  1. Weight loss - jogging increases metabolism and burns some calories, so loss of weight is attained.
  2. Stamina builder - good stamina develops your capability to work throughout the day and likewise helps to guide an energetic life. Vigor relies on how physically fit you are. Sometimes you are sluggish when you do not feel good. But, once you begin to jog you will become more energetic and changes will appear for everybody to see.
  3. Improve Appetite - jogging helps to increase appetite.
  4. Burn Abdominal Fats - Abdominal fats around the waist, abdomen and hips are reduced through jogging. It is a tremendous fat burning work out; that is why it is considered an efficient exercise in removing fats.
  5. Fights Insomnia - if you have problems in sleeping, jogging can help you. If you are jogging you are capable of sleeping better.
  6. Strengthen Bone Density and Muscles - the advantage of jogging include the increase of bone density in the legs, hips and back, likewise, it strengthens the muscles. It is noted, that long distance joggers are strong as they can be, although their legs look thin and weak.
  7. Fights Aging - jogging holds muscle and bone loss which occurs with age.
  8. Cardiovascular exercise - jogging reduces heart attack since it makes the stronger and decreases blood pressure. The lungs become strong also and more oxygen can be inhaled, thus enhancing the capability of the blood to bring more of the essential nutrients to the body.
  9. Fights Diseases - jogging helps to fight ailments like diabetes, cancers, heart stroke, hypertension and osteoporosis to name a few, as it improves the immune system.
The advantages of jogging in early mornings are that you be feeling less tired and more passionate all through the day. Research has proven that persons who workout early in the morning maintained their exercise schedules than those persons who exercise at any time. Apart from other advantages of jogging, you are able to accumulate money, which you are supposed to spend in the gym. Therefore, in order to save more, buy yourself fine jogging outfits like a good pair of shoes, loose clothes, and stretch for a while and begin to jog.

Jogging safely: To be safe while jogging, do the following:

* Jog with a friend in a familiar but not secluded area.
* Jog during the daytime.
* Face the traffic while jogging.
* Dress in bright-colored clothing so that you can be spotted immediately.
* Carry a whistle with you.
* Don’t stick to one route but keep changing it.
* Be aware of your surroundings and turn back if you find yourself unsafe.
* Don’t jog near bushes.

Before jogging you have to warm up your muscles first, do some stretching exercises. Do not force yourself to jog if you are not feeling well, be sure to rest for a while then continue your routine of jogging if you feel good already. Jogging gives accurate exercise to the big muscles in the legs. It also involves the entire body, which is not applicable to other exercises.


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